The Story So Far:

June 16th, 2013
Suffering more losses during the extended stay in the area of the ruined town, punctuated by an dirty attack using poisoned food that has taken the lives of most of the Cygnaran command, the characters and the remaining troops have given up their position in town in order to lead the refugees to the relative safety of Cygnar. Along the way they are harried by Khadoran forces and ambushed by elements of the Protectorate’s Northern Crusade.

Starting Notes
A hastily cobbled together force of soldiers and mercenaries are sent by Cygnar to cross the border into occupied Llael and aid the Llaelese Resistance, fighting for their lives and country within the besieged town of Rene’. They arrive to find they’ve come at just the same time the Khadoran reinforcements arrive to aid the siege forces already stationed there in retaking the town. The siege turns into a battle as Cygnaran and Resistance forces clash with the Khadoran army, stabbing, shooting, and bombarding one another, until both sides find themselves fighting over the ruins of what was once Rene’.

It is now three weeks later. The fighting has died down and both sides have retreated to ad hoc base camps on opposite sides of town as they await word from their respective nations on how to proceed.

Of Sellswords and Hired Guns