The People in Rene'

Cygnaran Forces

This is you, guys. The hastily cobbled together forces sent to lend aid to the Llaelese Resistance in Rene’. Theres a few squads of Long Gunners and Trenchers, though all are now somewhat depleted after the fighting. The mercenary forces, including yourselves, are largely made up of freelance types who do not have a Charter and are hoping the experience will make them more attractive recruits for a proper mercenary company.

Major Alan Holt – The man currently in charge of the Cygnaran forces stationed in Rene’. He has no love for the Khadorans, and would like to see them all sent packing back to freezing north. He’s an older, austere man with thinning white hair, a quietly grim personality, and the shockingly spry ability to keep up with soldiers half his age.

Lieutenant Julian Blackwood – The Warcaster in charge of the forces Warjacks. His battlegroup had consisted of two Hunters, a Sentinel, and an Avenger. This long after the fighting, only one Hunter and the badly damaged Avenger are left. Julian is a dark haired man who gives the impression of someone who is surprisingly laid back for the setting he finds himself in and, outside of combat, meets most setbacks with a smile.

Lieutenant Laris Battlefang – “I used to be a trencher, then I took an arrow to the knee… and BECAME an adventurer!” – The woman in charge of organizing the mercenaries contracted by Cygnar in the immediate conflict. An ogrun woman of great height and strength, she was a veteran trencher until an injury caused her discharge from service. She eventually recouped however, and reentered the army as a mercenary officer, working with chartered companies or freelancers like you to bolster Cygnaran forces when needed. She is a boisterous woman with a voice that can be heard roaring orders over the sound of artillery shells going off. She walks with a slight limp, but has little trouble keeping up.

Brasher’s Irregulars – This is your unit

The Resistance

The Llaelese Resistance doesn’t have a lot going for it. The Khadorans have hunted them relentlessly since Llaels annexation, and their running out of places to hide. They have more presence in towns like Rene’ in southern Llael due to being close to the Cygnaran border, and while they had no delusions about using the place as a fortress, had kept it as a clandestine staging area, where they could assemble and gather weaponry before sending it out to support their efforts elsewhere in the country. They are a ragtag bunch, a number of former Llaelese soldiers fill out leadership positions while most of their forces are patriotic and loyalist commoners. Their warjack assets were meager at the beginning of the siege and haven’t gotten better for the battle; they’d had a Nomad warjack and a Talon, and at the outset of the siege had commandeered all laborjacks in the town. All that’s left is the Talon.

Kell Alyr – Kell is a rarity, an Amethyst Rose Gun Mage (Llaelese order of Gun Mages sworn to protect Llael). He is currently the man in command of the Llaelese resistance in the area. He survived the siege and the battles but has since left for the nearby town of Alessa to try and organize the Resistance forces there to come to Rene’s aid. He’s a man in his mid 40s who looks older for all that the Khadoran occupation has put him through. He’s kept his Amethyst Rose uniform, but no longer wears it, opting for more non-descript clothing.

Radnor Martyn – Radnor is the leader of the Resistance while Kell is away. A morrowan knight and former Llaelese soldier, he has the training, if not as much experience to lead while awaiting word from Kell in Alessa. He a man in his late 50s, going gray and getting to be on the fat side (getting too large for his armor, in fact), he’d been retired for many years before the Khadoran occupation and could well have avoided the fighting altogether if his patriotism had not compelled him to join the resistance.

Rosalyn Di Rene’ – Kell’s apprentice. A young girl who had only just discovered her magical potential when the occupation began, she has been taken under Kell’s tutelage in learning the ways of the Gun Mage. She is the niece of the Lord of Rene’, whom the Khadorans executed after initially taking the region years ago. Without any heirs of his own to make the claim, this makes her the Lady of Rene’, a fact used by the Khadorans over last few years to keep the people docile by forcing her to make public speeches encouraging obedience to their imperial masters. She thanked the Khadorans for making her their public face by using her pull with the populace to allow the Resistance to set up their clandestine operations in town. She’s a smallish blonde woman in her early 20s who wears similar non descript clothing favored by Kell.

Khadoran Forces

After initially taking Rene’ years ago, the Khadorans executed Lord Leon di Rene’, as well as other people of high station who seemed like they may be trouble and left forces to run things for them. They’d never anticipated much trouble from the townsfolk and so those who remained to watch over them was a largely token force of a few squadrons of Winter Guard. The discovery of a significant Resistance force in the town caught those stationed there by surprise. The discovered Resistance dealt with them quickly, but not before they managed to send out a rider to bring word to a larger Khadoran garrison, leading to the siege shortly after.

The Greylady – She arrived with the reinforcements, and appears to have taken charge of all Khadoran forces around the town, as well as leading the Warjack battlegroup. She wears the trappings of a Greylord Warcaster and so, as no one who’s not a khadoran knows her name, the Cygnarans just call her the “Greylady” and sometimes “the Witch” or “the Hag” or any number of angry or crass epithets. She’s a wizened old woman with stern eyes and ghostly white hair, who never moves at greater than a walking pace, with all the inexorable certainty of someone who knows they’ll get there eventually.

Notes on Khadoran concerns – Since the fightings died down, your side has been taking stock on enemy forces: Warjacks – Siege forces arrived with a Destroyer and a Devastator marshaled by their mechaniks. During the battle the Greylady appeared with a Berserker and a Marauder in tow. By the end of the fighting, the Marauder was confirmed down with the Devastator too damaged to fight. No one can confirm the status of the others. Widowmakers – Siege forces had one squad of Widowmakers with them, who occupied their time by sniping at anyone trying to look over the town walls. They haven’t been seen since the reinforcements arrived. Winter Guard – Winter Guard forces are numerous, but the greatest concern is their rockets and mortars which they used to subject Cygnaran forces to a constant morale breaking barrage in the first few days of battle. That they’ve stopped using these so often now suggests they’re running low on ammunition themselves, and your higher ups are desperate to capitalize on this before they can get resupplied.

Protectorate Forces

The Protectorate’s Northern Crusade came into the Country from the Bloodstone Marches with the story that they were there to lend aid to the Llaelese Resistance. This seemed to hold up until they began pushing out the Cygnaran forces who were there for the same reason, and then the Resistance themselves along with the Khadorans. The Northern Crusades presence has become a very clear attempt to claim more hospitable lands than what they own in the Protectorate proper. Despite this, they’ve been relatively kind when compared to the Khadoran occupiers, with some religious communities, Menite and Morrowan alike, welcoming them as liberators. They have been quiet in the southern lands, largely content to let Cygnar and Khador battle their war of attrition, but in the last week, Exemplar Errants have been sighted east of Rene’, concerning both sides of the conflict.

The Citizens of Rene’

Rene’ was a decently sized town of nearly 2 thousand citizens living both in the town proper and in the surrounding farmlands and vineyards. The battle has left them split in half as some were taken prisoner as traitors by the Khadorans with Cygnaran forces taking in the others as refugees. While most of the latter have set up a camp behind the Cygnaran lines outside town there are some who can still be found within, either looters looking to grab what they can, refugees digging through what’s left of their homes to find something important to them, or just shellshocked citizens who don’t know what to do or where to go after seeing their homes crumble around them.

The People in Rene'

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